“BV Staffing, Anthony Bucci in particular, has been a valuable contributor to the success of M*Modal in this rapid period of growth. Anthony has been on site once a week for about a year, he understands our culture, the hiring managers, the priorities and has become a respected member of our team. He has been involved in driving the recruiting process of over a 40% increase of the number of employees. Anthony has become a well respected consultant in not only recruiting….but overall corporate salary structures, the hiring process, as well as on boarding of employees. Anthony has been a tremendous resource for all HR concerns providing helpful and straightforward input into our processes. I have enjoyed working with and have come to rely upon Anthony in the past year and look forward to maintaining the ongoing relationship he has built with our company and the people here.”

“Thanks Anthony for all the work you do…the insight you provide! I really appreciate it!”

Laurie Hochberg

“I’ve used B&V several times for wide variety of engineering and technical hires. They were instrumental in helping us secure several top flight engineers from other states and have a great local network. I enjoy working with Anthony and Scott and highly recommend their firm.”

Steve Harrell
CFO and VP of Business Development
Continental Broadband, LLC

“B&V Staffing has been a big help to our company in both finding and recruiting talent in software development. I would recommend them to anyone looking for assistance in finding and hiring top technical personnel.”

Matt White
VP Engineering

“B&V Staffing has gone above and beyond to make changing jobs seamless. They truly looked out for all my needs and were very professional every step of the way. I highly recommend B&V Staffing and would not hesitate to use them again throughout my career in IT.”

Michael Muto
Systems Administrator
Duquesne University

“I had the pleasure of working with Anthony on my recent employment search. It was nice to work with a recruiter who listened to what I wanted in my next position, instead of trying to fit me into any open position. He was friendly, helpful, and sincere. I have recommended others to him, and I will continue to do so. Thanks Anthony!”

Rachel Vigliotti
Account Manager

“Finding senior talent in the Pittsburgh market place can sometimes be extremely challenging because of all of the competition in the industry. B&V Staffing makes this an effortless process. They do searches geared toward the experience we are looking for, and all of the applicants are pre-vetted: highly qualified and interested in our business. B&V Staffing really help to take all of the time and pain out of growing as a company. I highly recommend them to anyone who is looking to grow!!”

Gary Wallace
Directory of Engineering
Penthera Partners, Inc

“B&V was essential in us filling key roles within our organization . Their ability of identifying only candidates that matched our needs ensured we found the right people and reduced the amount of time we spent finding them.”

Aaron Brauser
VP Products
First Insight, Inc

“Anthony and his team at BV Staffing have been partners with SmartOps for over ten years and have assisted in providing talented candidates for nearly every job opening I have had during that time. Anthony’s thorough understanding of my expectations and our company’s culture and pace allows him to not only provide me with highly matched applicants, but also to present an accurate picture of our environment and requirements to each candidate.”

Susan Alane Keim
Senior Director, Support Services, QA, and Documentation

“BV Staffing takes the time to understand what I’m looking for in a candidate and also takes the time to get to know the candidates that they represent. They not only learn a candidate’s skill set, but also their work history and how well they interact with others. They have an excellent screening process and never present a candidate until they really get to know them. I always get highly qualified candidates, which helps me fill positions in a cost-effective and timely manner.”

Bob Pawlowski
VP Engineering

“I have been working with Anthony Bucci directly over the last nine months. This is a continued relationship for the company from over a year and a half, and we truly have been impressed with the level of candidates we have received. As a fast growing technology company, which has doubled in employee necessity, Anthony has served a vital role in filling these positions and has helped to make our hiring goals obtainable with highly qualified candidates. Anthony consistently understands our company needs, our unique environment, and what type of person will be successful within our organization. I strongly recommend working with B&V Staffing, personally Anthony Bucci, for all level position needs.”

Rebekah Murray
HR Generalist

“Scott and Anthony are two of the best people at the craft of recruiting I have come across. How one deals with and employer is different than how one deals with a candidate—they are excellent at both sides. Their style is thorough yet highly relational, high quality yet swift. They are very skilled at identifying candidates for those ‘hard to fill’ positions. I find them both to be consummate professionals. I oversaw the work of both of them during their tenure at FORE/Marconi so my experience with them is firsthand. As an employer I would be quick to use their firm. If I was a candidate, they are the type of people I would want to represent me. Additionally, they employ innovative techniques to meet the needs of their customers.”

Fiore Londino
Pareto Consulting