Software Engineer

Software Engineer

Summary of Position:
MVS’s software engineers are responsible for the full range of the software life cycle – including initial use case and requirements
development, application development, interfacing with various robotic sensors, deployment and maintenance – for customer facing
applications as well as internal tools and systems. An important skill of an MVS software engineer is the ability to incorporate
mathematical algorithms and software into a fully realized user-level application. Exceptional candidates will have experience
developing and applying new computer vision, robotic and machine learning algorithms to problems in 3D underground mapping, with
an emphasis on integrating these technologies into fully functional applications. MVS software engineers will evaluate, choose,
implement and evaluate solutions to challenging real-world problems from a software and systems perspective. As a software engineer
you will work on particular projects within any of MVS’s suite of applications. Our engineers are expected to be versatile, goal-driven,
and business aware, with an enthusiasm for learning and tackling new projects.
Essential Functions:
 Analyze customer and end user use cases.
 Develop functional and performance requirements for MVS solutions and product offerings.
 Develop software using state-of-the art algorithms, design and development methods.
 Provide leadership in the area of software engineering, software development, and testing.
 Provide leadership in the area of computer vision, robotics and-or machine learning.
 Rigorously test and validate solutions under a wide range of real-world conditions.
 Conduct software design and code reviews.
 Proficiency in C/C++ and object oriented software design, or proven ability to program in a variety of general purpose
programming languages.
 Proficiency in GUI development and 3D rendering packages.
 Proficiency in computer vision, robotics, and machine learning.
 Proficiency in working with robotic sensors; collecting and processing raw data streams.
 Proficiency with state of the art software development paradigms.
 Proficiency working in and developing software in Linux and Windows.
 High initiative, seeking continuous improvement, actively engaging in problem solving
 Effective oral and written communications
 Excellent analysis, prioritization, decision-making, and implementation skills with a high level of personal responsibility
 Must be trustworthy, conscientious, and accountable.
 Excellent interpersonal skills, adept at building relationships with individuals and groups of people with a very wide diversity of
demographic and cultural characteristics.
Rev. 11/09/2016
Software Engineer
Job Description
Occasionally = 1%-33%; Frequently = 34%-66%; Continuously = 67%-100%
Continuous sitting and/or standing at desk
Prolonged mental acuity
Continuous fingering
Climbing stairs – daily to office
Occasional travel
 Bachelor’s degree in Computer Science, Engineering, Mathematics, Physics or related field. (Master’s degree or Ph.D. in
Computer Science preferred)
 Prior professional software development experience
 Experience in effectively deploying complex algorithms in real-world scenarios
 Experience with a variety of robotic sensors.


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