Platform Software Engineer

Platform Software Engineer

As a Platform Software Engineer you will participate in the requirements analysis, architectural specification, development and verification of the operating system underlying AvereOS. The candidate will perform software integration and testing on experimental hardware platforms, design platform management solutions, and implement designs with reliability, availability, and supportability goals using core operating systems concepts.


- Integrate new hardware platform and component support into AvereOS
- Develop and maintain device drivers for Ethernet networking and storage controllers
- Develop and maintain platform environmental and network monitoring daemons
- Develop and maintain manufacturing and customer hardware diagnostic test suites
- Advise and assist customer support to troubleshoot hardware and low-level software field issues
- Monitor the open source community for bug fixes and new features, and push back improvements when appropriate
- Develop and maintain core system debugging functionality, for both kernel and user space applications
-Strong C and/or C++ coding skills
-Python coding skills
-Strong understanding of hardware, server components and computer architecture
-Experience developing software for multi-core 64-bit x86 systems
-Experience with FreeBSD, Linux or UNIX kernel development and debugging
-Experience writing device drivers for storage or network devices
-Experience maintaining kernel or operating system code
-Knowledge and experience with network programming and TCP/IP
-Experience using hardware and firmware API specifications to implement and debug device drivers
-Experience with software configuration management (git, perforce, svn, cvs)

-Bachelors or Masters Degree in Computer or Electrical Engineering
-Minimum of 3 years experience developing software in a commercial environment for FreeBSD, Linux or a UNIX operating system

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